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Characteristics of Carneli

Developing a new era of the beauty industry

Updating equipment and technology

One of the main pillars of our strategy is our efforts to keep equipment and technology up to date. This is the reason why we try to align ourselves with the old ones in the cosmetics industry by supplying and using the new equipment and by teaching the new methods and technologies to the specialists.

Social responsibility

One of our important responsibilities within Carneli is that we must put our efforts into spreading a beautiful culture in the world. A culture in which racial differences are recognized and the beauty of various faces is seen. The most important thing is that from a psychological point of view, there is no pressure to be seen beautiful in society.

Alternative methods for testing products

One of the most popular methods of testing cosmetics and hygiene products around the world is to test formulas on animals. This method goes against our social responsibilities at Carneli. We therefore decided to replace the testing of products on animals with other methods.

Adaptability to the body of consumers

One of the main problems with cosmetic and hygiene equipment is causing allergies. We at Carneli carry out numerous tests in order to develop the formulas in such a way that they have maximum adaptability to the needs of consumers and to their bodies. This is why any formula at Carneli is subjected to a lot of tests before being marketed.

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