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About Carneli International

A team of beauty lovers with a new take on cosmetic equipment

The main objectives of Carneli International.

Carneli’s main objective is to develop innovative formulas in the field of cosmetic equipment, but we also have other objectives:

The least damage to the environment

One of Carneli’s main goals is to produce formulas that harm the environment as little as possible. We hold ourselves accountable.

Understand consumer needs

Within Carneli we always try to produce products in accordance with the latest beauty standards and to understand the needs of consumers.

Product safety

The safety of the formulas is another concern. The formulation and raw materials are subjected to various tests to ensure their safety for consumers.

The Carneli International laboratory since 2019

We are a team interested in the world of beauty and the cosmetic and hygiene equipment industry. We have been active in this field for years, but in 2019 our common goals and interests brought us together and we created Carneli. We have also tried to take advantage of the latest technologies in order to produce quality products.

Carneli formulas are Cost-effective

One of the characteristics of the Carneli International laboratory is that the formulas are cost-effective. Since we are focused on developing new formulas, we can control costs by eliminating logistical problems. This is why we are able to develop very high quality products with very modest costs.

Why the Carneli International laboratory?

Carneli is one of the most modern production laboratories for the formulation of cosmetic and hygiene products in France. This modernity is not only seen in the technologies applied at Carneli, but also we try to follow the most modern brands of the cosmetics and hygiene industry in order to be able to satisfy the customers.

On the other hand, quality is at the heart of our products. From the first stage of the design of the formulas to the preparation of the raw materials, we insist on maximum quality. In order to ensure the technical quality of product formulation, we are on the front line of production technology in order to send our formulas to the market.

Special attention to mothers and children

Children and pregnant women are one of our main concerns at Carneli. It is for this reason that the formulas intended for these two groups are subjected to numerous tests. So we support consumers in peace.

Adaptability to cosmetic product regulations

All formulations at Carneli comply with the cosmetics regulations of the European Union. But this compliance is not the end of the matter. We do more where possible and we apply even stricter regulations to further improve product quality.

Always towards progress

One of our most important strategies at Carneli is that we must always make progress and move forward. So training and experiences are an essential pillar of our group. All Carneli staff are eager to learn more.

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